Why am I here?

One form of media that has been relevant for the past century is animation, and it is one which intrigues me greatly.

Animation is used in almost every form of media around, including film games and plenty of others and it is because of this reasoning that my passion was birthed. Animation can make things real, conceivable and most of all make things believable.


An example for such a statement is from the film Jurassic park (1993) from Steven Spielberg, the animation of the dinosaurs in that film where convincing enough to terrify the audience, especially at the time of its release. Through the CGI aspect of the film an entire animal was created and put on to the big screen, it transformed a boring old shot of a fence in a rainy night to one of the most iconic movie scenes ever.



“now you can see a real physical animal, his skin moving him breathing, his muscles bulging”- Mark A.Z. Dippe, co-visual effects supervisor of Jurassic park.


Watching this a child, I knew that this is what I wanted to peruse as a career. I wanted to make things come to life on the big screen just like the animators did in Jurassic park. Animation is a very important form of media, it can create different worlds or even extend on existing ones. It can easily evoke emotion in complex but simple ways and most of all it can make something that was once thought impossible exist. And this is why I came here, so I to can do these things.


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