Media use and identity

Any form of media can bring across a message, and an effective one at that, and animation is no exception. As an animator i value the media forms of visual effects, character design  and of course animation. Many games and films rely on these three media forms to make something come to life, or to even just make something more visually appealing, and this is what I hope I can do in the future.

i find that animation has the ability to both create messages and can expand on ones that have already been presented by another form of media.

This could be for example in the film Mad Max fury road (2015). The message thafury-road-vfx-1t is being shown in this movie is how dangerous the world has become due to the lack of human care. Although this is the films message, the film gave a foundation in which the visual effects can then build on top of. as seen in the image below, without the use of visual effects, the scene doesn’t look bad in the slightest, although with it there it does add the extra value to the message to show how dangerous things have become in that world.  I find that without scenes like this, this example being the added detail of the rocks and narrow path, (the visual effects), the message of the film wouldn’t have near as enough emphasis as it would have without it. This doesn’t just count for visual effects either, this is also for design and animation, without that what ever message the media is trying to produce it wouldn’t be nearly as effective as it would be with animation.

This is why i find these technologies to be important to forms of media that relies on visuals and is not set in a fantasy world, like mad max. It is also why i think that the messages that come with work best as a combination of two separate form of media.


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