Review of ‘Broccoli’

This short animation is a very short but endearing one. It fits well into the family genre of film with similarities that children and parents can relate to within their own life. It tells a story about a mother and her son, and her desperate attempts to make him eat the dreaded green vegetable. What innocently starts off as a simple game of ‘here’s the aeroplane’ turns into an all-out escape attempt by the child when faced with broccoli. The story is a simple one, but for what the animation is, it’s also one that I think fits well as the story and the animation both complement each other.

It’s simple character design and clearly understandable facial expressions act as an asset to the animation as the short film can then be accessible to everyone. The type of animation this is as well is what seems to be hand drawn, allowing the movements of the characters to be more exaggerated and smooth which is what the film needed to effectively demonstrate the anticipation of the character’s movements. As well as the white background, apart from the occasional objects, that is consistent throughout the animation, it directs the attention towards the characters which works well in keeping its overall simple design.

This animation was about the playfulness and the fun relationships that a child and a parent could have between one another, even when the child was running away the mother saw it more of a Game than the child disobeying. And the end of the film perfectly wraps up its tone with both the child and the mother laughing with each other.

I personally found this to be a very charming short, through its simple but effective animation that it presents, its characters and their relationship with one another clearly depicting the tone it wants to. The innocent theme of family that is presented throughout the film resides as an endearing one and the comedic tones present in it are humorous enough to keep me wanting to watch. However, it was a shame that it didn’t go any longer, but you must take in how long animation takes. For Frank alone to do this by himself, and to this standard of quality, would’ve taken months at least.

Broccoli, although short, does have meaning and the animation in it is more than appealing. Broccoli is very good to watch over and over again, I would personally recommend to share it with friends and especially family.




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